My Inspiration & My Blessings



Paul makes me laugh EVERY day... to be fair though, he is a Comedian! 



These Young Ladies are literally a bright, shinning light of positivity in my life!


Fun Times

We have a roof over our head, food to eat, clean water to drink & someone to love...

We are blessed & incredibly grateful!

The Hands Behind the Creations


Maker's Gonna Make


My name is Tanja McCallum, and I am

Bohemian Zen Wear ~ This is me, unfiltered.  

I'm a Canadian artist based in the beautiful City of Guelph, Ontario.  I generally find myself creating at some point almost everyday ~ sometimes as a tool to beat down the stress of my "day job", 

and always because I LOVE IT! 

My inspiration comes from nature, a daily dose of meditation & the energy of my amazing family (Seriously, look at those smiles!)   

I love making jewelry and through word-of-mouth referrals I've had the good fortune of turning my creative outlet into a small business! It's my thing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

On my Insta page I kind of stumbled into sharing my love of nature & photography too ~ I don't know if I love the thrill of the hunt, or sharing the post more?  I don't duplicate a post often, but when I do, I find it too late and it drives me insane - forever!!!  Can you find it?


I Swear I'm Not Crazy

I can't explain it without sounding a little cray-cray, but when I am designing a custom piece, I swear the beads speak to me.  And I'm not stoned!  Ha - "stoned"!  I've never thought of that before...  I love getting stoned!!!  OMgosh, I can't believe I wrote that!  That's hilarious! But seriously though, I'm not high!     

Ha! Still funny!

Each stone is selected and placed with intention ~ every single one, even the spacers.  I focus primarily on Presence & Gratitude... My work area is very comfortable & calm. I'm often surrounded by family (& laughter) when I work.

I am always astounded at how awesome it feels to see someone wearing & appreciating my jewelry!   When they tell me how they treasure it, my heart melts.   How's that for rewarding?  I didn't expect that ~ did you?

Sometimes my pieces find homes through this website, the majority are custom orders, and sometimes they land somewhere completely at random.  As long as they are making someone happy, I'm happy! Corny? Whatever! It's true.

My favourite compliment is:  

"They go with everything!" 

If you can say that, then you've likely worn them many times over!  And THAT my friends, is a vote of confidence & the best encouragement I could ask for. 


Wisdom Brings Peace

An unexpected blessing from my new venture has come in the form of Soul Sisters... Other amazing Makers & Artists who are an inspiration & encourage me every day ~ you know who you are (eh, em... Lindsay, Shelley, Katie, Amy, Kristin, Christy, et al)!  The Maker Community is pure magic!  

Where possible, I purchase my materials from small businesses & entrepreneurs.  I prefer supporting People over corporations. 

Sure, I have skeletons & baggage like the best of you, but let's not look back there ~ It's spooky! It's time to put positive energy into creating beauty, expressing joy, observing gratitude, compassion & giving ~ now THAT is a great idea!  

More time with family, more reading, relaxing, hiking, beading... it only took 40+++ years, but I think I’m getting this “living” thing right, finally. 

I hope that you will find that this positive energy radiates from my jewelry. 

Thoughts Become Things! 

 Here's to the good things to come for all of us 


Thanks for listening, 


Footnotes & Credit

It's a big, big world out there, with an amazing abundance of gemstones & crystals!  I learned very early on that I will never have the time to research, create & post!  I do as much research and writing on my own as I can however, I also have to count on the knowledge of others to be able to keep my day job, do what I truly love, have a family & sleep ;)  I endeavor to give credit where credit is due whenever I have included the copy & knowledge of other artists.  If ever you come across content that is missing a footnote, please let me know!  

A few of my favourite sources of information are: