Feel-Good Jewelry Made with Positive Intention

Zoom In For The Finer Details

Please zoom in on each stone in order to fully appreciate the design that you are considering.  Photographs don't begin to capture some of the finer details of many of the gemstones used in my creations.  In each listing, hover over the stone you wish to see up close.

Your Kind Words...

Beautiful Soul, Radiant Woman


Omgoodness I'm so over the moon with my new treasured jewels from Bohemian Zen Wear!!!!!  These photos don't even begin to clearly show how incredible these pieces actually are, but what it does show is how I feel immeasurably blessed to have come across this incredible woman who is so talented with her craft and how I've come to know her immense heart & soul that simply exudes deep love, kindness & generosity... thank you, thank you, thank you dearest Tanja!

Lindsay H. 2018

(So... this feedback had me walking on air for many, many days!!  Check Lindsay out at Strong Rocks Designs ~ @strong_rocks on Instagram ~ She is an incredibly talented jewelry designer... A beautiful soul & radiant woman!)

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Beauty Enhancing Beauty


There is something very special and unique about a piece of jewelry that is created with love, gratitude and good intentions.  Every time I wear the bracelets, I turn them and almost always discover something new. It may be the way the light hits one of the crystals, or two unexpected miniature little skulls, or a beautiful teal bead in a sea of copper and brown.  I feel an unexplainable connection with the person who took the time to put it all together.  

Vanessa P.  2017

Accessorizing Naturally


Loving my bracelets... they match everything!

Shauna G. 2018

Lovely Laura in Lavender Fields


Love, LOVE what you sent!  

Laura S. 2018 

(Laura took a real leap of faith, provided a budget and said "send me stacking bracelets & anything else you think appropriate... I like all blues.")